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Knowledge Sharing

One of the most important tasks for DMSG is to ensure knowledge sharing in, and outside of, the professional environment. Therefore, DMSG uses the tools mentioned below, to make sure that the necessary knowledge reaches the right target group at the right time.

DMSG’s website

On DMSG’s website, there is access to clinical guidelines in regards to diagnostics and treatment of myeloma and associated diseases.

Annual reports

DMSG’s annual reports are distributed to all members of The Danish Society of Haematology, to all of the university libraries, the heads of hospitals and departments, the Danish Regions, The Danish Health and Medicines Authority, The Health and Prevention Committee of the Parliament, The Danish Cancer Society, The Danish Myeloma Society, and other national and international partners.

Cooperation with patients association

DMSG has an informal working relationship with Danish Myeloma Association, which is the Danish patients association for myeloma, and members of DMSG frequently give lectures at the meetings in the patients association.

The Danish Cancer Society

DMSG has cooperated with The Danish Cancer Society in revising the information pamphlet on myeloma.

Other activities that promote knowledge sharing

Additionally, DMSG’s members contribute with lectures at national and international meetings and teaching in specific courses for medical doctors obtaining their specialty in hematology.